Umbrella Technology


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      Unlock the power of advanced skincare with Wellness Teq's Umbrella Technology, your all-in-one solution for radiant, youthful skin. This cutting-edge LED light therapy machine harnesses the benefits of seven therapeutic colors to target a variety of skin concerns, from aging and acne to sun damage and inflammation. 

      How It Works: Umbrella Technology uses the magic of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to stimulate your skin’s natural processes. Each color penetrates deep into your skin, offering tailored treatments for your specific needs. 


      • Boost Collagen Production:Ω Increase skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles.
      • Improve Circulation: Enhance blood flow for a healthier complexion. 
      • Reduce Inflammation: Calm irritated skin and reduce redness. 
      • Clear Blemishes: Combat acne and prevent future breakouts. 
      • Revitalize Skin: Improve texture, moisture, and overall skin health. 
      • Prevent Sun Damage: Treat and protect against pre-cancerous lesions. 

        Color Therapy Benefits: 

        • Red (640nm+/-5nm): Enhances cell activity, promotes metabolism, increases collagen, accelerates blood circulation, and improves skin elasticity. Ideal for eczema, wrinkles, and damaged skin. 

        • Blue (480nm+/-5nm): Reduces inflammation and calms the skin, making it perfect for acne treatment and sensitive skin. 

        • Green (520nm+/-5nm): Promotes balance and harmony, eases stress, and normalizes oil production. Effective for blackheads and oily skin. 

        • Purple (420nm+/-5nm): Combines red and blue light, has anti-inflammatory properties, and helps reduce wrinkles and acne scars. 

        • Orange (590nm+/-5nm): Enhances lymphatic detoxification, brightens skin, and smoothens scars. 

        • Yellow (570nm+/-5nm): Calms the skin, reduces redness, and helps with sunburn and stress. 

        • Turquoise (450nm+/-5nm): Balances oil secretion and enhances nutrient absorption. 

        Why choose Umbrella Technology? Experience non-invasive, professional-grade skincare at home. With Umbrella Technology, you can achieve spa-quality results without the hassle. Say goodbye to fine lines, acne, and uneven skin tone. Embrace a brighter, more youthful complexion with every session. 

        Elevate your skincare routine with the revolutionary Umbrella Technology by Wellness Teq and reveal your most radiant self. 

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