Wellness Teq Story

Beauty tech continues to rise. What was once a specialized niche, reserved for elite salons and spas, has now made its way into the homes of millions of beauty enthusiasts. No matter the age or gender, we all want to look and feel our best. Luxury is no longer a luxury. It has been redefined as essential in our redefined self-care society, and this category continues to gain traction and focus as many consumers search for convenient, at-home treatments.

electra ipl
electra ipl

Wellness Teq is one of the fastest-growing and leading manufacturers and innovators in the beauty device category. This growing portfolio of devices focuses on individualized and unique skincare, each crafted with creative technology and superior ingredients. This, paired with educated developers and ambassadors, enable us to show clients the impressive results of our unique devices.

With the mission of bringing salon treatment results to the consumer to boost their natural beauty, Wellness Teq uses top NASA-utilized technology to deliver convenient, non-invasive treatments for face, neck, eyes and body, addressing issues from acne to wrinkles to hair removal and more. Devices are portable and can be personalized for a private, at-home experience without the help of a professional.

electra ipl models

As this industry continues to evolve and grow, we, too, will continue to develop and bring to market the best beauty devices with the latest technology that will to target issues that can be treated in the comfort and convenience of your own home.