7 Tips for a Better Skincare Routine

Posted on December 22 2020

7 Tips for a Better Skincare Routine

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As summer comes to a close once again, leaves begin to fall, and the weather gets colder. Yes, it will be hard to switch out your favorite summer clothes for boots and sweaters, but the beauty of Fall makes it all worth it. The weather isn’t the only thing changing, so is your skin! Instead of having a regular skincare routine, we’ll provide you with 7 tips for a better skincare routine this Fall. It’s time for a change!

Moisturize More

Your skin does take a hit when Fall comes around. The cold weather can dry out your face while the constant itching can feel like the plague. It’s hard to find the right moisturizer. What should you do? Go for an all-day moisturizer that can handle the pressure of low temperatures. For a voluminous boost, try the 24k Gold Sonic Luminous Boost.

Try Facial Oil

There have been claims that facial oil causes breakouts, but it turns out those claims were false. Our acne is much more the result of our environment along with the foods and drinks we consume. Use facial oil to get your skin more ready for the day as it will help to reverse the effects of harsh climates. We recommend the Adore Cosmetics Icon Edition Beauty Drops which is packed with vitamins and essential oils to revive skin and bring out your natural glow. 

Do Not Stop the Sunscreen

Many people get the idea that once summer is over, there’s no need to use sunscreen anymore! That is just plain false. According to every medical study you can find on the topic, sunscreen is shown to be an essential part of your daily routine for life. Overcast days have a darker feel, but that doesn’t mean the sun’s rays aren’t still reaching your skin daily. The Deep Sea Cosmetics Hexalin - Expression Corrective Cream with SPF 15 which will not only provide SPF-15 protection from the sun, but lifts, firms, brightens skin. 

Get That Sleep

You really do deserve it. Sleep is actually considered one of the more important aspects of any skincare regimen. People generally spend less time outside during fall, so it’s a great chance to get some naps in. According to dermatologists, our cell rate increases during sleep which can help skin to repair more quickly. 

Learn How to Layer Skincare Products

We’ve talked about using moisturizers and facial oils, but what we haven’t talked about is how it all comes together. Correct layering is actually more important than you might think. The best way to think of it is to layer your skincare products in order of thickness, starting with the thickest first. 

Makeup Brushes, But Clean

This isn’t just a fall tip, it’s a year-round tip. Cleaning your makeup brushes is essential to making sure that there isn’t still lingering bacteria from days, weeks, or even months ago! Taking this one simple step can help you avoid acne in the long term. 

H20 All Day

You knew this one was coming. It’s the life sustaining liquid that just won’t leave. If you’re trying to get soft and glowing skin, water will always be your number one. During Fall, the cooler weather can make your face dry out. Drinking water helps keep you hydrated and improve your skin’s elasticity, which can lead to less wrinkles in the future. Possibly the most important benefit is that it helps your skin fight toxins. 

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