The Growing Trend of Beauty Devices

Posted on January 25 2021

The Growing Trend of Beauty Devices

the growning trend of beauty devices
Have you noticed more beauty devices over the last few years? We recognized that the growing trend of beauty devices saw a huge boost during this pandemic. Let’s talk about why this is happening. We’ll talk about how maskne and social distancing has affected the beauty industry.

What are Beauty Devices?

As technology evolves, so does beauty. We see smarter and smaller technologies than ever before. These beauty devices can help with all kinds of skin problems. Whether you need an extra boost to fight acne, beautify your skin, or defy aging, there is a beauty device for you. 

Why are They Trending?

Beauty devices have been in use for a while, but you might have noticed a significantly growing trend of beauty devices over the last year or so. We’ll explain why this might be happening. 


Since wearing face masks has become the norm for anyone who goes out in public, there have inevitably been consequences to our skin. A new word is trending: maskne. It’s a form of acne that results from wearing a mask for hours at a time. Since some beauty products contain ingredients that might be harsh on the skin, beauty devices provide a simple solution, and we’ve listed some below. 

Social Distancing

With the pandemic, we can’t exactly make beauty appointments like we used to. Since the pandemic hit, many beauty stores have been forced to close since they depend on in-person customers. This has led to beauty aficionados discovering the power of beauty devices and achieving spa results from the safety of their home. .

Check out the many ways a beauty device can support your beauty goals!

Eye Care Beauty Device

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so let’s make sure our eyes are at their best. The Halo Sonic Ion Eye Sculptor is the perfect way to make it look like you got a full night’s sleep within 5-8 minutes. At your workspace, vanity or even in bed, to name a few. 

Improve the look of fatigue and signs of aging, while instantly revitalizing your entire eye area. Using  7,200 – 12,000 pulses per minute,  the Halo helps your skin absorb your favorite eye cream or serum, pushing it deeper into your skin with the tap of your finger. 

Maskne Beauty Device

Not only will the Supersonic Skin Scrubber help with maskne, this device helps get rid of clogged pores, blackheads, dull, and flaky patches. Clogged pores are what you want to avoid in the fight against maskne. This device manages to provide you with deep cleansing action with the redness or irritation. 

Anti-Aging Beauty Device

It’s time to shed some years and get that youthful glow back, and the Spark Eclipse could be the perfect solution for you. The built-in photon LED red-light treatment combines with Thermal Therapy to combat the signs of aging in a single step. 

This innovative beauty device can help you achieve skin complexion that’s younger, more lifted, and toned within just a few sessions. Fight back against aging and reveal your natural beauty. This process is often included in spa treatments, but pandemic or not, now you can get those spa results from the safety of your home.

Sculpting & Toning Beauty Device

We’re past the days when you had to go to a professional spa to get your skin looking toned. In fact, you can get it all done at home using the SculpTech EMS Body Sculpting Pro. This unique product is a revolution in skincare technology, helping you to achieve relaxed muscles while lifting and firming skin with just a click of a button. 

This carefully refined massage device has four different settings so that you can beautify your way. Choose massaging, lifting, or from the two variations of EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulator). 

Don’t miss out! Join in on the growing trend of beauty devices that you can use at home! 

Comment below letting us know which beauty devices you have been using during quarantine to achieve spa results from home.

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