Posted on September 13 2020


Why can’t hair removal be easier? We each have our own preferences in terms of which hair removal treatment to use, but are we using the best option? Most people tend to stick to whatever hair removal style they consider convenient and simple. However, it’s worth looking into the new ways that you can remove hair with less issues. 

There are many reasons to change your current hair removal routine. If you’ve mostly been waxing, using hair removal creams, or shaving, this is a great time to reconsider. We’ll explain how hair removal treatments that are light-based such as an IPL device can totally change the game for you. 

Let’s talk about the problems that some people experience with the most common hair removal techniques. 

Hair Removal Problems

The first technique we learn for hair removal tends to be shaving. Shaving is great for getting a simple, clean, and smooth shave. However, of all the hair removal options, shaving actually has the shortest lived effects. Unfortunately, as the hair grows back, there is a rough stubble feel on the skin. It’s one of those things that is very noticeable to the touch. That’s why people need to shave regularly to get the look they’re going for. 

Shaving properly also takes extra steps. You’ll need a cream or lotion in order to make the shaving experience smooth. Otherwise, it’s friction and irritation all over your skin. It’s also worth mentioning that it’s possible to get razor burns or cuts as well. Shaving is tried and true in both positive and negative ways. 

There are also depilatory creams which use chemicals to remove a large portion of hair and accomplish results that last longer. The problem is that they can also be very messy to use. Some of those with sensitive skin will find that the chemicals used to dissolve the hair are harsh and they may have a bad reaction. 

Another way to remove hair with longer lasting results is to wax it. However, many find the experience of waxing to be irritating and even painful at times. Waxing is convenient in the sense that it can be done at home, but it’s also inconvenient due to the multiple step process. 

How IPL Hair Removal Works

The one problem that all of these hair removal techniques have is that they don’t address hair regrowth. Light-based technology makes the hair grow back slower each time that it is used! This means you get a lot more of your time back until you need another treatment. 

IPL light-based technology removes hair by using an intensely focused beam of light. This causes the pigment in the hair to heat up. This heat continues down to the root, and it impacts the cells around the follicle, which is the part that is responsible for growth. Ultimately, the speed of hair is reduced with each treatment. Eventually, you can be at the point where you only need one treatment every 8 weeks or so. 

IPL vs Laser Hair Removal Technology

IPL probably sounds a lot like laser technology, but the difference between these two lies in the light beams. In the case of laser hair removal, it emits a light beam that is very focused with a small color range of light. IPL utilizes the entirety of the visible light spectrum. 

Although laser hair removal can be effective on different skin and hair tones, it is not as effective on skin and hair that are close in tone. IPL treatment provides a broader spectrum of hair and skin tones, which makes it a far more effective treatment for many people. 

At-Home vs Professional Treatments

Nowadays, going to the dermatologist clinic and/or certified aesthetician locations is very popular. However, using IPL at home treatments enables you to have a more convenient way to get close to the same results. Of course, professional IPL treatments will have more powerful equipment, which can lead to faster results and less treatments. But this all comes at a significantly higher price point, and getting an appointment at the right time can often be frustrating. 

For a fraction of the cost, you can get a personal IPL device. These devices are handheld, compact units which can be conveniently used at home. You simply perform the hair removal at home anytime, and you’ll notice soft, smooth, and supple skin that lasts for several weeks. 

Comparing IPL Hair Removal Devices

There are various different types of IPL devices with different features and abilities. Here, we’ll explain what to look out for when researching for your own device. 

First, make sure that the device uses true IPL technology. There are many imitations, so it’s important to get the best quality. That way, even if your hair and skin tones vary, you’ll still get great results. 

Another thing to check is the lifespan of the bulb and/or light emitter. Usually, this is measured in terms of pulses. For a good quality IPL device, make sure there is a rating of at least 5,000 pulse per bulb. 

Even more convenient is the fact that some IPL devices provide a far higher number of pulses, which means you’ll have to replace the bulb less often. 

Try it for Yourself

Now that you’re a savvy IPL hair removal device expert, it’s time to try one for yourself! The Electra - IPL Infinite Laser Hair Removal Device is the ultimate IPL device. Life is hairy enough and there isn’t always time to squeeze in a salon visit. Enjoy receiving spa/salon results from the comfort and safety of your own home!

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