Posted on September 13 2020


How does isolation affect our skin? Since we’re commuting less and using less makeup than our entire adult lives, you’d think our skin would be clearer and more glowing than ever. Well, it turns out that a significant change in lifestyle can negatively affect your skin for several reasons. Have you heard about #isolationskin? We’ll explain how the lockdown might impact your skin.

The Stress

During this time of isolation, our worries and anxieties tend to surface up and take over. The thing about stress is that it always affects several other parts of the body. Unfortunately, cortisol (the stress hormone) has a negative impact on our skin. 

It is known that cortisol can literally speed up the aging process, and it can worsen any pre-existing skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. In fact, stress can even cause massive breakouts on the face. 

Some of us are having trouble sleeping as a result of all this stress. There’s no replacement for sleep, but you can certainly make yourself look like you got a good night’s sleep. Try the Halo LED Sonic Eye Sculptor to beautify the skin around your eyes.

Lack of Skin Routine

Many of us rely on our facial appointments to keep us feeling and looking fresh. With so many people working at home now, some are attempting to juggle their work and raising their children at the same time. 

Adding one simple skin routine to your day can make all the difference. If you haven’t tried a serum yet, this is the time to go for it! Every little bit of skin care that you can include to replenish what you might be missing during this period of isolation will be helpful in the long run.

Upgrade your skincare routine with this one product. The 24k Gold Sonic Luminous Boost will help give your skin that lively glow. 

Dietary Changes

Since most of us are not heading to the grocery store as often as we used to, we’re probably also missing a lot of essential nutrients. Many people are dramatically reducing their intake of fruits and vegetables. Another enemy of nutrition is sugary snack binging. This tends to happen during isolation. 

These dietary changes influence our skin’s ability to stay naturally healthy. If you notice bumpier complexion, dietary change could be the cause. 

Not Enough Exercise

Perhaps we can go get some exercise, but somehow we just don’t want to. Some of us have a lower step count than...ever. Now that we’re mostly working from home and going outside less, popping on an exercise video just doesn’t sound like the most appealing thing in the world. 

Unfortunately, lack of exercise leads to less efficient blood circulation. When we get less blood circulation, our cell turnover will be naturally slowed down, and this often leads to dry skin. 

Incorporate an exercise routine into your life, and celebrate your beautiful skin. 

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